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Syros island located in the middle of the Aegean of Cyclades  islands complex. Ermoupolis city is an open historical museum that unfolds walking in its alleys. Discover images of other times that exude one special character of a city which overflows with life 12 months a year.

Viewing Miaouli Square and the impressive City Hall of Ermoupolis, inspired by Ernst ziller - classic architecture in 1876,the historical Apollo Theater  a miniature of the scale of Milan as well as the aristocratic district of Vaporia that dominate the mansions of that old time along with beautiful churches, understand the specificity of the site.


Great sculptors such as Georgios Vitalis and Antonios Fragoulis have created imposing and majestic churches, but at the same time simple in their interior decoration, which makes you feel relaxed and respectful.




Orthodox and Catholic Churches with a history of centuries, all-white chapels, bathed by the Greek sun, near to the sea or perched on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, stand harmoniously giving a universal uniqueness of peaceful coexistence.





The hill of the Medieval castle of Ano Syros with the imposing Church of San Giorgis (Catholic episcopal) at the top looks like a painting of a different era with picturesque narrow alleys and a view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.




Ideal place for your special Wedding Day with many choices that will suit your levels and dreams and will leave beautiful memories to you and to your guests.

If your choose is political wedding, the island of Syros gives you the perfect choice with the imposing City Hall of Ermoupolis, a historic artwork by Ernesto Zilller in the majestic Miaouli Square.

Wedding Photography and Videography  capture in scenes and venues that can even cover meet the needs of big movie films.

The neoclassic Ermoupolis Stage with the mansions, the paved streets, the town hall, the market, the port with the old customs office of Syros, the aristocratic district, the Apollo theater and many other historical buildings, as well as Ano Syros, the traditional settlements, the beaches, the famous first lighthouse of Greece and of course the northern part of the island that is part of the nature program - full of unique virgin beaches.

And when you plan your wedding  event in Syros you will have so many choices that you will finally choose what suits for you!

Make your reception in villas and favorite resort of Syros aristocrats , in a hotel with strong Cycladic elements and comforts, in the cosmopolitan Vaporia district, near the sea or even on a beach, barefoot, with live music and fire, cetering with food, drink and have fun until morning.



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