Syros Cyclades


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Syros is one of the few places in the world who coexisted for centuries the Orthodox and the Catholic community harmoniously and equally. The countless churches everywhere on the island confirm it the unique marriage in architecture with western and eastern elements.

The visitors will see the rare spectacle celebrating all together the holy days.

Catholic and Orthodox Easter on the same days with a special permit from the Pope.

Very particular and the historic monastery of the Catholic monks Capuchin and San Giorgis at the top of the settlement of Ano Syros, as well as the imposing church of Agios Nikolaos in Ermoupolis.

See below the churches that we propose to you Catholic and Orthodox and start planning with us your special day.























Metamorfosi SOTIROS






















Anastasi SOTIROS






















Saint Athanasios - Sirigas






















Saint -ioanis-posidonia











Timios stavros-parakopi


  1.   San George

Located on the top of the hill of Ano Syros and is the metropolis of the Catholics.
It was built in the Medieval era around 1200 in the position of a previous Byzantine church.
It has been the Metropolis of the Catholic community since 1652 and rare icons (Saint George, Virgin of Hope, the portrait of Andreas Kargas, a bishop hung by the Turks) are kept inside.
It has stunning views to the east and the islands of Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros.








2.The Catholic Church of Evangelistria

It is a royal three-aisled church, built in the early nineteenth century and is the parish church of the Catholics of Ermoupolis.











3.The church of the Virgin of Carmel in the Catholic Monastery of the Jesuits.

Built in 1640 and rebuilt in 1824 by the Tchinian master, Hatzi Shemou. It has a library of thousands of books, historical documents, parchments and rare manuscripts.











4.The church of Agia Thekla in Megalo Gialos


Agia Thekla is a beautiful Catholic church in the area of ​​Megas Gialos that stands out for the curved walls, the external bell tower and the courtyard.









5. The Catholic Chapel of Agia Pakou in Galissas











6. The St. Stephen's Catholic chapel, accessible by boat or organized hiking from Galissas.












7. The Virgin Mary Phaneromeni in Chroussa

A little bit outside of the village of Chroussa was founded in 1900 the church of Panagia Faneromeni. On the site there was an old 13th-century chapel. The Catholic Church celebrates with a big feast on September 24th.









8. The Virgin Mary Episcopian

Built just outside the village of Episkopio, on the way to Malia, a short distance west of Hermoupolis. The name indicates the association with the Catholic Diocese of Syros, as it is known to have belonged to the latter and was the place of the 16th century Bishop's holiday, if not the oldest Catholic metropolis of the island. According to testimonies of 1631 and 1700, the church was formerly honored in the name of Virgin Mary Prothronthon. Unknown date of Virgin Mary Episcopian. Some scholars even speak of the 10th-11th century AD, while it was rebuilt in 1652.







9.Agios Panteleimonos in Phinikas.

10.The Catholic Church of St. John in the Capuchin Monastery, which was built in 1635 when Capuchin monks arrived in Syros. The monastery played an important role in the lives of the inhabitants.