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Wedding Videography

The love of a group of videographers is to capture special moments led to the creation of the company Prisma AudioVisual projects in Syros in 2013.

The most important moments will accompany you over time while remaining unchanging and filling your nostalgia. We create a unique movie with your protagonists, professionally and discreetly combining the seventh art and the most beautiful events of your life.

We combine the seventh art and the most beautiful events of your life creating a unique movie with protagonists ... you!

Wedding Shootings:

  • Couple before or after the ceremony
  • The bright preparation
  • The groom preparation
  • The wedding ceremony (two cameras)
  • The party after the wedding ceremony

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We approach from a more artistic point of view the object and style of you creating a tempting product.

Responsible director - operator

George Roussos and Prisma audioVisual projects






Prisma audioVisual projects

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